Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019

With Phoenix Comicon being the first ever convention I went to, I just had to go back and it was fun to bring amazing ladies with me! Going to a con with friends is honestly one of the best ways to do it! And you always come back with really funny stories XD

I went this year with AlyCat Cosplay and XIII Cosplay! It was a blast!!

Photo by Astraea Arts

Our first group was Road to Eldorado! We got to meet one of the animators while at the con and it was amazing to see how much he enjoyed our cosplays!

Some fun facts about these cosplays!!
XIII Cosplay made her entire Chel cosplay!! She did such an amazing job! It is so well crafter and honestly I am always inspired by her!
AlyCat Cosplay and I made most of our Miguel and Tulio cosplays out of BEDSHEETS!!!

Photo by Astraea Arts

Our second group was a casual Sailor Moon group! Sometimes it is nice to have a comfortable cosplay to end the weekend!!
Usagi – Pirefly Cosplay
Ami – AlyCat Cosplay
Makoto – XIII Cosplay

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